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3 classic tales...
One fun filled show!

Ever After

3-12 years

"Happily Ever After"
is a full stage production featuring "3" of the most beloved short stories ever told. See straw spun into gold, climb the magic beanstalk and help the prince find the real princess. Each classic tale is approximately 10 minutes in length. Total performance time is 30 minutes.

Performed in classic theater style with whimsical twists these enchanting musical productions feature the use of over "18" Professional Hand & Rod Puppets as well as amazing Visual Props and Colorful Scenery changes.

Featured Selections  
Jack & The Beanstalk
The Princess & The Pea

Recommended Age
3-12 Years

Party Packages
Premier Package- Includes Puppet Show with optional group 
photo time -
WAS $325.00... NOW $250.00

Deluxe Package - Includes Puppet Show with optional group 
photo time PLUS additional  hour with choice of Balloon Sculpting, 
Bubble Blast Game,
Character Cameo or Tattoos - WAS $425.00... NOW $325.00

Supreme Package* - Includes Puppet Show PLUS additional hour with up to "4" selections from the  Mix-N-Match Menu Below and optional group photo time.
WAS $499.00... NO
W $399.00

Public Performances
Schools, Libraries, Day Cares, Scouting Functions, Corporate Affairs, 
Community Events -
WAS $475.00... NOW $375.00
Each Additional Performance - $199.00
Restrictions apply  
Public performances include show PLUS meet and greet with optional photo time. 
Approximate total length will be from  35-60 minutes depending on audience size.
Additional activities for "Public Performances" are customized according to audience size. Please contact our studio for assistance.

Additional activities for "Public Performances" are customized
according to audience size. Please contact our studio for assistance.

Mix-N-Match Menu

Create your own package by selecting the activities listed below 
you wish to have at your event. These activities will be performed and 
organized by your Puppeteers.

  • Balloon Sculpting
  • Sand Art Craft
  • Bubble Blast Game
  • Parachute Play
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Face Paint/Temporary Tattoo Combo
  • Fresh Spun Cotton Candy w/Machine
  • Memory Book Craft
  • Character Cameo -

Please Note: Face Painting is only available with our Supreme Package
Some activities  may take the time of two selections.


Sample photo of our Deluxe Stage


This production is exclusive to Small World and is protected by copyright  laws. 
We strongly enforce the infringement of this production. Reproducing it's 
concept/format/title/description in whole or part is prohibited.

Design difficulty varies. Therefore, the number of designs per hour cannot be guaranteed do to the inability to predict requests. The term "up to' is defined by number of selections chosen x number of participants. In most cases face Painting will take the time of two selections. Our menu selections and packages above are based on an average party of 12-15 children. More children are never a problem to accommodate, but please keep in mind... The more  children to accommodate the more time you will need to complete. Children are given a choice of face painting or a tattoo, both if time allows. The number of games and dances performed will vary from party to party based on the number of participants, ages of children and ability level. We recommend for larger events to eliminate Face Painting/Tattoos and substitute this selection for more group orientated games and dances. Extra supplies will be unavailable unless ordered in advance. For parties expecting more then 15 children some items may require an additional charge starting  at .75 each per item. Sorry, we do not issue credit for parties that do not reach full attendance. *Restrictions may apply. Supreme package is limited to choice of one costume character and one craft. Crafts will take the time of two selections. 
All events are subject to a $12 Insurance surcharge, this surcharge will be added to your 
package price at time of booking.

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